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Hopper wagon with pneumatic or hand control of discharging side flap valves is intended to
carry coal, coke, limestone, crushed aggregate, gravel and other substrates of grain size
exceeding 2 mm. Wagon is loaded through the high-positioned loading aperture. The floor is
inclined of W shape with inclination of 49°. The substrate is first loaded into both halves of
the wagon and then above the ridge of inclined floor (slopes). Pneumatic or hand control of
discharging flap valves can be performed from transitional platform, which is located at one
end of the wagon. The wagon construction enables gravity discharge to storage container.
Pneumatic mechanism of the wagon enables to discharge each wagon separately. The entire
set of wagons can be discharged by total air discharge, by setting the lever of governor piston
valve into “open” position and further reverse filling of piping by air.


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